Delight in a Straight, Confident Smile With Orthodontics

If you wish to correct misaligned teeth, fix overcrowding and gaps, and resolve issues with your bite, you should come to Newman Springs Dental Care for your Allenhurst, NJ orthodontic care. Your doctor has the experience, skills, and training to provide the current solutions tailored solely to your needs and objectives for a brand-new smile.

After an extensive analysis, we can speak to you regarding available orthodontic methods and other services that can correctly straighten your teeth for easier oral hygiene, a more visually appealing, confident smile, and better oral health. You can benefit from these therapy choices:

  • Clear Aligners – Invisalign transparent aligners are custom-designed to fit your teeth and gradually move them to the intended location over a span of months, not years. Aligners are easily removable, comfortable, and virtually undetectable. They offer an alternative to metal braces that does not disrupt your diet, routine, or look.
  • Six Month Smiles – This can be a wonderful treatment option if you only need to correct a few teeth that show when you grin. You can transform your smile in around six months, a fraction of the time needed with traditional braces.
  • TMJ Solutions – Sometimes, bite misalignment is related to an issue with the temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, that might not necessitate orthodontics. We can craft an oral device as a more conservative strategy to healing your misaligned jaw joint.

Combine your treatment with other cosmetic services to make a bigger change to your smile. Bring back the shine by trying professional whitening to remove deep stains. Veneers can fix wear and tear, chips, and cracks. You may even prefer veneers to conceal mildly crooked teeth.

Call 732-352-3903 or schedule online to make an appointment at Newman Springs Dental Care before you call an Allenhurst, NJ orthodontist. Find out which of our leading-edge options is ideal for you!