Brian Talks About His Experience with Invisilign

Dr. Friedman rectified my crowding that my teeth had through the Invisalign process, which worked perfectly. I’m very pleased. I was in a lot of discomfort. I could feel my teeth where typically you don’t feel your teeth. It’s sort of like an internal organ. The only time you know they’re there is when something’s wrong with them. Well, the discomfort of the crowding of the teeth was most important to me. It wasn’t so much about aesthetics. I thought, at my age, do I really think there’s anything that could be done about it? And Dr. Friedman assured me that there was indeed a fix, and Invisalign was the way to go. And we proceeded with that process, and I love it. I love my smile. I love the comfort that I have in my mouth now compared to the way it was. The process went smoothly. And very pleased with the process. He likes to make sure that you know what he’s going to be doing before it’s done and why.

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