Judy Talks About Getting Extensive Work Done Under Sedation

I’ve probably been coming here a good 15 years. And the staff has been awesome. They’re a group of trained professionals that focus on you. They are very accommodating, and they always treat you with courtesy and professionalism, and make you feel at home.

So when I first came to Dr. Friedman, he took one look at my mouth and realized that whoever had worked on my teeth previously had done a terrible job. And I knew this because of the fact that I was in severe pain. And many of the fillings and whatnot were bothering me and hurting. So Dr. Friedman systematically went through my mouth and removed and fixed all the previous work done so that it was in good working order and that I was able to be relieved of the pain, and able to eat again, and feel comfortable.

I am a very apprehensive patient. I have severe anxiety. And because of the work that was done before, I was in severe pain when they did the work. Dr. Friedman assured me that when he performed his work on my mouth that I would not feel any pain. And he offered sedation. So there are certain procedures that I do do with sedation because I just can’t handle it and I have the anxiety, which works very well for me because I know when I come here, no matter what Dr. Friedman’s gonna do, I know that I’m gonna have good workmanship and that I will not feel any pain.

Dr. Friedman has been more than responsive to my dental needs. There have been several times where I’ve had abscesses that have occurred at night or over the weekend where I’ve been in severe pain. I’ve either instant messaged him, or Facebook messaged, or text him personal on his personal cell phone. And within 15 minutes, he’s responded and he’s even opened the office for me to come in so that he can take a look at, alleviate the pain, prescribe antibiotics in order to allow him then to do the dental work that’s necessary. So not only is he a wonderful dentist during the week, but I know that I can always count on him and his staff to be responsive for my needs on the night, on the weekend, holidays. It doesn’t matter. He puts you first. And he’s very conscientious about his patients and to ensure that we’re not in pain.

I love my smile. I think it’s awesome. I feel comfortable with it. And very happy with the work.

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