Roberta Talks About How Doctor Friedman Changed Her Outlook on Dentistry

Coming to the dentist in the past was not a pleasant experience for me, and so I neglected it at times when I should not have. And when it became apparent that I needed to find a dentist, a new dentist after my other dentist retired, I began to do some research and discovered Newman Springs. The moment that I walked in, I felt welcomed, valued, and important enough for people to take time to care about what I needed to have done in terms of my dental care.

It wasn’t so much my smile as it was the need to reconstruct my back teeth so that I would feel comfortable in eating or feel more confident. That just seemed like a simple solution for the folks here in this office, and they did it in such a timely fashion. And since the major work, which was done over 10 years ago, I really haven’t had any other issues other than just having my regular checkups and cleaning.

And I will say that what I also value is that at one point during that time frame, on a Sunday afternoon, I had an issue. And so I just put a call into the office and asked if I could be worked in on Monday to have it looked at. I had some concerns. It wasn’t more than 10 or 15 minutes later that I received a phone call, and not only the dentist but a dental assistant met me in the office on a Sunday afternoon so that I wouldn’t have to worry about it. That’s above and beyond what I ever expected that would happen, but it’s just everyday practice here. You matter.

I drive an hour to come here even though I have now moved further south because the competency, the friendliness, the care, and the concern matters to me, and they’ve become like family. So I come back to check up on them as they check up on me, and it’s now a pleasant experience, and I very much enjoy coming to check in, as well as take care of my own health.

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