Sari Talks About How Her Whole Family Loves Newman Springs Dentistry

We moved back to New Jersey about four years ago, and one of the things I was scared about was finding a new dentist, and finding a place that, a couple of things: one is that I would feel comfortable as soon as I walked in, to kind of calm me down a bit. Second of all, a place where I could get the (inaudible) gas, because back in my childhood somewhere I must have had a horrible experience because I’m petrified of dentists. You cannot even clean my teeth without the (inaudible). So, after looking on the internet, and talking to a couple of dentists I found, this one, we came to the office just to see it, and to meet the dentist, and I was immediately comfortable. I have used two doctors here. I have used Dr. Friedman, and I’ve also used Dr. Menon. So, when I first came here, my teeth were in pretty good shape, so I’ve had them cleaned here several times, and every time I’ve had them cleaned they’ve been amazing. Lasts a long time. I have learned different ways to brush my teeth to prevent some of the plaque from building up.

I had a cavity under the bridge on this side that went into an infection, and the infection went all the way down the root, and I was so scared of this that they actually offered to do it under sedation, and I was really happy. Not everybody will do that. So, having the choice to not have to feel the pain was wonderful. And that’s one of the reasons I’m here, is not every dentist will do that. I mean, I need gas just to get my teeth cleaned. The staff is wonderful, the people are wonderful, the doctors make you feel really comfortable, and I found that I wasn’t quite so afraid. And I have managed to get pretty much most of my family here.

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