If you’re an adult who may need braces, you may have several preconceived notions in mind about what braces entail. You may dislike the idea of having a mouth full of metal and wires. At Newman Springs Dental Care, we hear your concerns.

That’s why we offer great short-term orthodontics in our Lincroft, NJ, office. In today’s blog post, we want to share some information about these options; specifically four things you may not know about short-term adult orthodontics.

1. Short-term Adult Orthodontics Can Change Your Life

If you’re embarrassed by your smile, your self-esteem suffers as a result. Maybe you’ve even felt self-conscious about your smile for years, or even decades. We have treated many patients who dislike the gaps, crowding, or crooked nature of their teeth.

But short-term orthodontics, offer an end to that embarrassment. THe best part is that just a few months treatment can provide you with a new smile that lasts a lifetime. That means not looking in the mirror and hating your smile anymore!

2. Short-term Adult Orthodontics Can Give You Healthier Teeth

Adult braces can change the appearance of your smile, and that’s certainly a great benefit. However, you might not know that there are a ton of other health benefits to wearing adult braces as well. Your teeth won’t just look great, they’ll be in great health as well.

When your teeth are crowded or overlap on each other, it can be difficult to keep them clean. That puts your smile at a much greater risk for tooth decay or gum disease. Once your teeth have been moved into a new alignment, it will be much easier to keep your teeth clean and prevent issues of decay and disease.

3. Short-Term Adult Orthodontics Work Fast

With short-term orthodontics, we can quickly transform the look of your smile in a matter of months. For example, with Six Month Smiles, you could see amazing results by the coming of the spring.

The average treatment time for Six Month Smiles is six months. But some patients even finish their treatment in as few as four months. It varies based on the alignment issues we are correcting. Six Month Smiles works quickly because we are only moving the teeth in your smile zone, unlike traditional braces.

4. Short-Term Adult Orthodontics Are More Comfortable

Traditional metal braces can be very uncomfortable. The metal brackets and wires of the braces can pull and irritate your mouth; which is no fun at all. Especially because traditional braces take between two and three years to be effective.

At Newman Springs Dental Care, our options all avoid metal braces completely. That means you can come into our office, and receive a quick and comfortable treatment for your dental issues. That means you can feel comfortable as you gain a new smile.

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