I Can’t Eat the Foods I Love

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Enjoy the foods you love most again by repairing or replacing damaged or missing teeth! Contact Newman Springs Dental Care to get your powerful bite back with our restorative dentistry options!

Dr. Mitchel L. Friedman, Dr. Aparna Menon, Dr. Amarpeet Suri, and our professional team offer several options to rejuvenate your oral function right here at our Lincroft, NJ dentist office.

Your Restorative Dentistry Options

So we can provide customized solutions for your particular dental issue, we offer an array of treatments to repair or replace your damaged or missing teeth. To ensure your comfort, we will numb your mouth if there is any chance of pain. We also offer dental sedation options to relieve dental anxiety.

One of the most natural-feeling restorative options available is dental implants, which can be restored with:

  • Dental crowns (created here in our office during your appointment with the help of CEREC technology)
  • Dental bridges
  • Full-mouth reconstruction options, like dentures

We also offer traditional versions of all of the dental implant restoration options listed above.

If you have a cavity, we can relieve your pain and restore your tooth to a healthy state using a tooth-colored filling that will blend in seamlessly with the rest of your smile.

Or, if tooth decay has penetrated the enamel of your teeth and started affecting the soft tissue and nerves within, we can perform a gentle root canal to save your tooth.

We’ll always do everything we can to preserve your natural teeth. But if a tooth is beyond repair, we may recommend an extraction to prevent the problem from affecting your surrounding teeth and oral health. Then, we’ll discuss your tooth replacement options with you! It’s important to replace missing teeth so your remaining teeth do not experience undue stress.

Improve your oral function and your quality of life with restorative dentistry from Newman Springs Dental Care! Call (732) 352-3903 or use our convenient online form to schedule or ask questions.

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