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John M.
Brian Talks About His Experience with Invisilign

Dr. Friedman rectified my crowding that my teeth had through the Invisalign process, which worked perfectly. I'm very pleased. I was in a lot of discomfort. I could feel my teeth where typically you don't feel your teeth. It's sort of like an internal organ. The only time you know they're there is ...

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Judy Talks About Getting Extensive Work Done Under Sedation

I've probably been coming here a good 15 years. And the staff has been awesome. They're a group of trained professionals that focus on you. They are very accommodating, and they always treat you with courtesy and professionalism, and make you feel at home. So when I first came to Dr. Friedman, ...

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Roberta Talks About How Doctor Friedman Changed Her Outlook on Dentistry

Coming to the dentist in the past was not a pleasant experience for me, and so I neglected it at times when I should not have. And when it became apparent that I needed to find a dentist, a new dentist after my other dentist retired, I began to do some research and discovered Newman Springs. The ...

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Sari Talks About How Her Whole Family Loves Newman Springs Dentistry

We moved back to New Jersey about four years ago, and one of the things I was scared about was finding a new dentist, and finding a place that, a couple of things: one is that I would feel comfortable as soon as I walked in, to kind of calm me down a bit. Second of all, a place where I could get ...

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