Teeth Whitening Get Professional Whitening Today
  • Remove stubborn stains in one appointment
  • Get a white smile in our office or at home
  • Improve your smile with an affordable cosmetic solution

Teeth Whitening in Lincroft Makes Your Smile Shine

If you’d like to put the pearl back in your pearly whites, teeth whitening in Lincroft may be your solution. Our dental team will brighten your teeth so you can smile with confidence again when you leave our office.

Our teeth whitening treatment:

  • Contains stronger bleaching agents so it works better than products from a drugstore
  • Offers you a choice of a treatment in our office or home whitening
  • Leaves your smile brighter and younger looking
  • Makes it easy to keep your smile white

For a whiter smile, call Newman Springs Dental Care at 732-352-3903. Unlike treatment with drugstore whitening products, we’re just a phone call away if you have questions concerning our teeth whitening treatment. Ask about our $99 Whitening for Life offer.

Enjoy Convenient Teeth Whitening Options

Since your smile is one of the first things people notice, it’s wonderful to have a smile you feel confident about revealing to the world. For your convenience, at Newman Springs Dental Care we offer two options for brightening your smile. With either option, a whitening treatment is one of our most affordable cosmetic dentistry procedures. Our treatments include:

  • In-Office Whitening – This is a quick treatment option that uses a strong whitening formula to whiten your teeth. We’ll use custom-fit trays that fit comfortably over your teeth. We’ll monitor your gums throughout the treatment to make sure they don’t get irritated.
  • At-Home Whitening –  With at-home whitening kits, you can improve your smile on your schedule. While the whitening solution isn’t as strong as our in-office whitening, it’s still much stronger than anything you can purchase at the store. We’ll give you the custom teeth whitening trays to keep for touch-ups.

Once your smile is bright, you’ll want to keep it that way – and you easily can with our Whitening for Life offer. You’ll pay a $99 enrollment fee with your first treatment, which will get your teeth up to six shades whiter. Then you’ll receive fresh supplies of whitening gel at every regular dental exam.

Get a glimmering smile with teeth whitening in Lincroft! Call 732-352-3903 to schedule your treatment. You can also schedule online. Consultations are free for new patients.

Common Questions About Teeth Whitening

Will teeth whitening work on crowns or veneers?

Teeth whitening treatment will not work on dental crowns or veneers. That’s why we recommend that our patients who are getting new crowns whiten their teeth first. Then we can match their crowns to that level of whiteness. All that will be required to maintain a beautiful white smile is to touch up whitening periodically.

Will teeth whitening remove brown stains?

Teeth whitening will remove many types of teeth stains, including those from tobacco and the foods and drinks you consume. Brown stains can be a symptom of celiac disease, and whitening will not work in that case. Brown stains caused by certain medications will not respond to whitening treatment, either. If your teeth have been exposed to too much fluoride and stains have resulted, teeth whitening will not eliminate those stains.

Which teeth whitening treatment works best?

Professional teeth whitening will give you superior results to over-the-counter whitening kits or strips. We offer you two great options for teeth whitening at Newman Springs Dental Care. You can choose either in-office whitening for the fastest results or a set of custom whitening trays that you can use whenever you want. Both methods will give you faster results than store-bought kits.

Will my teeth whitening be permanent?

Unfortunately, permanent teeth whitening does not exist. Assuming you don’t want to give up things like salsa, pasta, coffee, tea, soft drinks, and red wine, your best bet is to be proactive about managing your smile. Talk to us about touching up your smile when needed when you come in for your regular checkups. We make it easy with our Whitening for Life program. Pay a one-time $99 activation fee and receive a take-home kit. Then we’ll give you a touch-up kit at your regular exams.

Is teeth whitening painful?

The teeth whitening process is not painful; however, some patients experience mild teeth sensitivity to hot and cold afterward. We use only the highest-quality whitening treatment that is specially formulated to reduce sensitivity, so any discomfort will be minimal and temporary. If you do experience teeth sensitivity, it will usually go away on its own shortly after your treatment is over.

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