Restorative Dentistry

Get your oral function and attractive smile back – contact our top ranked Lincroft, NJ dentists at Newman Springs Dental Care for restorative dentistry options today. We may even be able to repair your tooth in a single appointment with the help of CEREC same-day crown technology.

At our Lincroft, NJ dentist office, Dr. Mitchel L. Friedman, Dr. Aparna Menon, Dr. John Ding, and our professional team offer an array of restorative dentistry services to fix your smile. We’ll provide anesthetic for your comfort and can also relieve your dental anxiety with dental sedation options.

Tooth Fillings

Cavities and tooth decay are very common. It is best to find the problem BEFORE it causes pain. Visit us for a routine exam, and if needed, a gentle tooth filling! Your tooth will be good as new.

Root Canals

Each time a patient needs dental care, we will do everything possible to save natural teeth before considering a tooth extraction. If a cavity has grown to the point that the nerves and soft tissue inside your tooth get infected, we will save the tooth by performing a gentle root canal. Thanks to modern techniques, the treatment is no less painful than a simple filling.

Dental Crowns And Bridges

Dental crowns completely cap a damaged tooth for protection and added strength. Thanks to the state-of-the-art CEREC tools we use in our office, we can provide a dental crown in a single visit.

A dental bridge literally bridges the gap left by a missing tooth. Your replacement tooth or teeth will blend in seamlessly with the rest of your pearly whites.

Dentures Options

If you need to replace several or even all of your teeth, we can provide custom dentures to restore your oral function and grin.

Dental Implant Options

Another restorative option is dental implants. We can attach several types of restorations to replace damaged or missing teeth, including dental crowns, dental bridges, and dentures.

Get your confident bite back with restorative dentistry options from our top rated Lincroft, NJ dentists at Newman Springs Dental Care – call (732) 352-3903 or use our online form to schedule!

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