General Dentistry Get A Healthy Smile!
  • New patients can schedule an exam & digital X-rays
  • Schedule early, late, or Saturday appointments
  • Receive quality care from award-winning dentists

General Dentist in Lincroft, NJ

It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since you’ve seen a general dentist in Lincroft. Our compassionate dental team provides personalized care for patients of all ages. With our preventive care, you will:

  • Improve your oral health and overall well-being
  • Catch problems when they are small to avoid extensive dental treatments
  • Lower your risk for dental problems like gum disease and tooth decay
  • Develop good oral hygiene habits
  • Leave our office with a clean and healthy smile

To keep your whole mouth healthy, contact Newman Springs Dental Care at 732-352-3903 for all your general dentistry needs. We think it’s important that you understand what’s going on in your mouth so you can better understand your treatment options. So your first dental exam, including digital X-rays, is free (a value of $277)!

Feel Confident With Comprehensive Dental Care

When you visit us, our team will greet you with warm smiles and do everything we can to put you at ease. We will listen carefully to any concerns you have to improve your quality of care. Our general dental care includes:

  • Dental Exams – We use digital X-rays to detect signs of decay that would otherwise go unnoticed. We also check for signs of other oral health issues, like gum disease and oral cancer. Exams are so important, your first one is free!
  • Dental Cleanings – We remove all traces of plaque and bacteria from your teeth. Regular cleanings are essential to keeping teeth healthy and cavity-free.
  • Fluoride Varnish – This highly concentrated form of fluoride strengthens your tooth enamel and helps prevent decay.
  • Dental Sealants – Thin coatings of plastic provide a barrier against harmful bacteria when applied to the top surfaces of your teeth.
  • Oral Health Advice – We’ll provide tips for optimum oral health routines so you can do your part at home to maintain your pearly whites.
  • Desensitization Treatments – If your teeth are sensitive to temperature extremes, this treatment can help.
  • Mouthguards – Our dentists can fit you for custom mouthguards to help with several issues, including teeth grinding, headaches, and sleep apnea.

We can also help you relax and relieve your dental anxiety with dental sedation options, including:

  • Inhaled sedation
  • Oral conscious sedation
  • IV sedation

Additionally, no matter why you see us, we’ll use advanced technology, such as same-day crowns with the help of our CEREC machine, to make your appointments smooth and efficient.

Keep your smile beautiful with a great Lincroft general dentist on your side. Call Newman Springs Dental Care at 732-352-3903 for an appointment, or schedule online. You’re sure to appreciate our extended and Saturday hours as well as our comprehensive dental care plan that includes routine checkups, X-rays, and fluoride treatment.

Common Questions About General Dentistry

What happens during a dental cleaning and exam?

Your dental hygienist will inspect your teeth and gums for any signs of problems. We may also take a set of X-rays depending on your needs. Then we will clean and polish each of your teeth until they shine. Your dentist will come in later and perform a complete dental exam, paying special attention to any problem areas noted by your hygienist. Finally, we’ll recommend any needed treatments to improve your oral health.

How do mouthguards help with teeth grinding?

While the exact cause of TMJ disorders is unknown, many people who suffer from this painful ailment clench their jaws and/or grind their teeth. These habits, often caused or exacerbated by stress, in many cases take place while you are sleeping. Wearing a custom mouthguard at night gently positions your jaw in a way that prevents these behaviors and facilitates the healing of your TMJ.

Do dental checkups include oral cancer screenings?

Yes. Dental checkups typically involve a thorough cleaning, comprehensive exam, and dental X-rays to look for signs of problems like tooth decay or gum disease; an oral cancer screening; and time with your dentist to talk about any current or potential oral health issues that need to be addressed.

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