Sedation Dentistry Schedule A Stress-Free Appointment!
  • Relax with three methods of soothing sedation
  • Get the care your smile needs without the pain
  • Never feel nervous about a dental procedure again

Your Lincroft Sedation Dentist Will Help You Relax

Have you ever canceled a dental appointment at the last minute because thinking about it made you anxious? Do you have trouble falling asleep the night before a visit to the dentist? Cut the stress out by visiting a Lincroft sedation dentist at Newman Springs Dental Care. Our entire team provides comfortable, compassionate dental care and can relieve your dental anxiety with sedation dentistry. Besides relaxing you, dental sedation options help:

  • Control your gag reflex
  • Speed treatment time
  • Leave you with little or no memory of the procedure
  • Keep you comfortable during lengthy procedures like a full-mouth reconstruction

There’s no need to ever feel nervous at the dentist! Call Newman Springs Dental Care at 732-352-3903 for a stress-free visit. From the moment you arrive, our caring dental team will do everything we can to relax you. We’ll greet you with warm smiles and provide the patient-centered experience you deserve.

Improve Many Aspects of Your Visit With Sedation Dentistry

No matter which sedation option you receive, we will carefully monitor you during your treatment to provide the most comfortable experience we can. Our dentists are highly qualified to administer sedation.

Our three dental sedation options that will put you at ease are:

  • Inhaled Sedation – This mixture of gas and oxygen, often called laughing gas, quickly gives you a mild euphoric feeling and calms your nerves. Even children can receive it.
  • Oral Conscious Dental Sedation – To ensure you arrive fully calm and stay that way throughout your visit, we will provide a prescription medication that you will take before you visit us.
  • IV Sedation – This form of dental sedation, the strongest we offer, takes effect almost immediately and produces an almost dreamlike state. You won’t remember much about your procedure.

We understand it’s not a matter of simply “getting over it” when it comes to dental anxiety. That’s why we provide sedation dentistry options to help put you at ease. We also understand many people are anxious about the dentist because of the costs, especially if they don’t have insurance. Sign up for our dental care plan, which covers the annual cost of two cleanings and exams, X-rays, and fluoride treatment, and provides discounts on other services.

To visit a sedation dentist in Lincroft, call us today at 732-352-3903 or schedule online.

Common Questions About Sedation Dentistry

Does sedation dentistry work for most patients?

Yes, we offer multiple levels of sedation dentistry that will calm the fear and anxiety of any patient. We’ll discuss each type of sedation in detail and help you decide on the one that will work best for your procedure. Our goal is to provide you with pain-free, anxiety-free care every time you visit our office. Our sedation options help make sure that happens.

How do I calm my nerves before the dentist?

If you get anxious or afraid before going to the dentist, there are a few ways you can calm your nerves before you arrive. First, plan to talk about your fears with our team before your appointment begins. It will allow us to walk you through any treatment we perform and answer all of your questions. We also recommend scheduling your appointment at the most convenient time for you to reduce stress and give yourself plenty of time. Also deep breathing can help relax you.

Is dental sedation safe?

Yes, our sedation is completely safe. Inhaled sedation uses mild laughing gas, which is safe even for children. Oral conscious sedation works using a small, FDA-approved pill, and IV sedation is expertly administered by our trained staff and can be adjusted throughout treatment. You can feel confident in our team’s ability to use our dental sedation options for your benefit.

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