People like to chew gum for a variety of reasons. Maybe it helps you kick a bad habit. Or maybe you just like fresh breath during the day. Whatever your reason for grabbing a stick of gum, you’d be surprised by the oral health benefits that come with it. Chewing sugar-free gum between meals is a great way to keep your mouth healthy. It can:

  • Stimulate saliva production

One of the most important perks of chewing gum is increased saliva production in your mouth. Saliva washes away bacteria and food particles and, as a result, prevents cavities. 

  • Protect your tooth enamel

Eating or drinking something acidic, such as tomato-based sauces or coffee, can weaken your tooth enamel. You wouldn’t want to brush your teeth after enjoying those foods or beverages because that can put your teeth at an even greater risk of erosion. Chewing gum can neutralize those acids by increasing saliva production in your mouth.

  • Help you stop nail-biting habits

Biting your nails isn’t just a bad habit. It can also damage your teeth. It can be a difficult habit to stop if you have done it for so long. So, consider chewing gum to preoccupy your mouth. You may realize you aren’t biting your nails as much.

  • Prevent bad breath

No one likes to struggle with bad breath during the day! Another obvious benefit of chewing gum after a meal is that it keeps your breath smelling great. Of course, if it’s a chronic problem, we recommend coming to see us for treatment. It may be a sign of an underlying oral health issue.

  • Cut down on sugar cravings

If you have a sweet tooth, you probably know too much sugar can harm your teeth. It blends in with the bacteria in your saliva and increases the plaque on your enamel. As a result, this puts you at greater risk for tooth decay. Chewing gum can cut down on how much sugar you want and limit your mouth’s exposure to harmful bacteria.

As for which kind of gum you should chew, you should choose one with the ADA seal of approval. Those are sugarless, usually sweetened with xylitol. 

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