No matter what your dental needs are in life, you need an experienced dentist in Lincroft, NJ who can handle all of them in one easy office. That’s one team to care for you, one dentist who offers everything you need and who’s familiar with your dental history and preferences, and one place to handle your insurance or finances. Though your reasons to visit the dentist may change over time, Newman Springs Dental Care can be that dentist for you.

Take a look at these common reasons people visit our office. If any apply to you, or if there’s anything else Dr. Friedman, Dr. Menon, and their team can do for you, just give us a call at 732-352-3903.

You’re Due (or Overdue) for a Checkup

This is one of the most common reasons people visit the dentist. We’re sure you’ve heard that you should get dental checkups every six months. We say that because it’s a good time span for making sure we can get all the plaque and tartar buildup off. Tartar can’t come off at home – it has to be removed using special tools by professionals. Once it builds up enough, it can lead to cavities and gum disease.

Those two issues are what we look for at every single cleaning and exam visit. They can take a little time to form, but if you come in regularly, we can catch them before they happen. That also means we can catch them before they require fixing – which equals more time, expense, and often more visits.

If you haven’t been in a while and do have any of these issues, we are still here to help you. We have modern solutions and advanced technology that makes dental visits much easier than they used to be. Some people who’ve been away for a while enjoy dental sedation, whether for cleanings or needed treatment. We offer three types.

Your Gums Are Bleeding

We just mentioned that we check for gum disease at every visit. Bleeding gums, especially after you brush or floss, are one of the common symptoms of gum disease. Others include:

  • Swollen or tender gums
  • Red gums
  • Gums pulling away from teeth/teeth appearing longer
  • Loose teeth
  • Bad breath

If you have any of these, it’s time to see a dentist. We can get your gums back to good health. If you see us right after noticing these symptoms, we can often take care of the problem with a good cleaning.

It’s possible you’ve noticed these signs of gum disease, but didn’t really think much of them. Some people have symptoms like this for years. After so long, gum disease can only be treated, not reversed. Even if that’s you, we have effective gum disease treatment to manage the problem. In most cases, we can help you before advanced gum disease leads to tooth loss. And even if you’re already there, we still encourage you to visit us. We’ve restored mouths for people just like you before. We don’t judge – we only serve our guests and give them confident smiles, no matter their dental condition.

You Wish Your Smile Looked Better

Maybe you have a clean dental bill of health. You come to our office for your regular checkups and get your teeth cleaned. But you may want to enhance your smile even more, especially when it comes to flaws like:

  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Stained teeth
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Teeth that are crooked, crowded, or stick out
  • Teeth that are too short or too long
  • Gaps between teeth

It’s time to turn your smile wishes into smile realities. We offer a host of cosmetic dentistry solutions to conceal all these problems, from veneers to teeth whitening for life to orthodontics. If your smile concerns go beyond cosmetics – perhaps you’re missing teeth or have severe decay – we have dental crowns, bridges, dentures, and implants to fix even major smile defects.

There is nothing vain about wanting a great-looking smile that you can feel confident in. In fact, studies show that people with great smiles make better first impressions and appear more confident, friendly, successful, and approachable. And those benefits don’t apply to just younger people. We’ve helped many seniors reverse these imperfections – many who said it made such an impact in their lives that they wished they’d done it sooner!

You Have Dental Pain

We see a lot of dental emergencies at Newman Springs Dental Care, whether tooth pain or abscesses. Dental pain usually doesn’t get better, and as soon as you experience discomfort, it’s a good warning to come see us before anything progresses. This is not to scare you – it’s simply advice to keep you healthy, to keep your mouth in good shape, and to save you time, pain, and money later on.

We understand that a lot of people put off visiting the dentist because they’re afraid, even if the pain becomes disruptive. That’s why you’ll find many things to help you at our Lincroft, NJ dentist office:

  • CEREC same-day crowns that require only one visit and no temporary crowns
  • Digital X-rays that lead to faster diagnosis and more precise treatment
  • Sedation to just relax you or essentially make you fall asleep so you remember little to nothing
  • Local anesthetic to get your mouth numb (we make sure you’re numb first!)
  • Payment options, including CareCredit financing
  • A team who actually cares about you and your treatment outcome

You Have Medical Issues

We didn’t mention it, but advanced gum disease has been linked to other “systemic” problems, like heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Sometimes, we might even recommend our patients with severe gum disease be checked by their doctor for any related conditions, or worsening of existing medical conditions.

We also go through your medical history to tailor your care for your specific situation. For example, people being treated for cancer have a higher risk of dental problems. People on certain medications are more likely to develop tooth decay. Elderly patients who have trouble with coordination may not be able to brush well, while people with dementia present their own problems. Some people have medical conditions that make sitting still difficult or impossible.

We take all this into account when treating you. So if you have any medical problems whatsoever, call us and ask how we can cater to you at your appointment. We want your oral health and overall health to be at their best.

Your Jaw Hurts

You might be asking, Why see a dentist for jaw pain? We’re trained in dental school to know all about the anatomy of the mouth and associated structures. We’ve also taken additional training to learn about conditions like bruxism, or teeth grinding, and TMJ disorder, an often painful condition of your jaw joint. We can help with these issues by performing a thorough exam and providing a custom mouthguard that releases jaw tension and keeps your teeth from grinding.

Bruxism and TMJ problems can also lead to headaches. A custom night guard can help you find relief.

We hope you can see the many ways a great Lincroft dentist can help you and your family. Whether your reasons to visit the dentist are pain, improvement, or upkeep, Newman Springs Dental Care is here for you. Contact us at 732-352-3903 or by filling out our online form to request an appointment.