Getting a dental filling is nothing new to most of our patients, but then again, anyone with decent vision can see every single one of those fillings in a patient’s mouth. The shrapnel look isn’t very appealing, but it is all that was available for a long time. Things have changed, and dentistry continues to make common procedures safer and more effective for patients. Composite fillings is one such improvement.

Traditionally, dentists used amalgam fillings to take care of cavities. Amalgam, a mixture of several metals and mercury, was used because it is strong and very cost-effective. The problem is that amalgam requires the removal of quite a bit of healthy tooth enamel, which weakens the tooth over time. Some patients and dentists also worry about the mercury in amalgam fillings.

A Better Solution

Rather than expose our patients to amalgam fillings, we choose to use composite fillings in our office. The difference is obvious. Composite fillings can be made to match any tooth color, leaving you with an aesthetically restoration. The material we use to fill your tooth is the same material we use for dental bonding, so your tooth won’t weaken over time! As you can see, the improvements are numerous and undeniable.

Don’t settle for dark, metallic fillings that catch all of the wrong kinds of attention. Instead, ask for composite fillings and see the difference! Contact us today to set up an appointment for an exam and cleaning. We’d love to see you soon!