In the world-wide battle against cancer, there are more fighters than we could ever imagine. Every household is affected within one or two degrees of association, and we need to take a moment to realize that impact. We can each do a little part to help, whether it is donating money to research, taking a meal to a family who is fighting, or volunteering your time at a clinic. There’s so much to do, and here at Newman Springs, we are doing our part by keeping smiles healthy during chemotherapy treatments.

The Relationship Between a Mouth and Chemo

One of the conditions of chemotherapy is that the body needs to be free of infection. Chemotherapy weakens the immune system, which allows a minor infection to turn into a major problem. A minor infection, like gingivitis, can halt chemotherapy treatments. Keeping the smile healthy is an extremely important part of fighting cancer because it enables the doctors to continue treatment.

What to Do

If you or a loved one are preparing for chemotherapy, you should make an appointment for about a month before treatment begins. We will make sure you have a healthy mouth and will schedule routine checks for every couple of months. We will show you how to care for your mouth during treatment (the mouth often becomes dry, sore, and painful) so that you can put your focus on fighting this monster.

We are all deeply touched by cancer. Most have lost someone dear to us from cancer, and we think it’s important to stand together in support for our warriors. Contact us for more information about the relationship between oral health and cancer. We’d love to help you better understand and be there to walk through this experience with you.