Getting a dental crown used to take weeks! You could go in, have impressions taken, get a temporary crown, and wait until the lab sent you back a crown. Then, you’d just hope that it fit correctly! Times have changed thanks to CEREC technology, and we’re happy to explain how it works so that you, too, can benefit from these dental advancements. Never settle for a drawn-out crowns procedure again!
You might need a dental crowns for a variety of reasons. Some crowns are purely cosmetic to cover a blemish or discoloration for a patient. Other times, a crown is there to save a tooth from extraction. When the crown of the natural tooth gets so broken down and worn that it is no longer sustainable, we must add a restoration to hold the tooth together so that the root can remain healthy and in place. That’s where a dental crown comes in.

The CEREC Advantage

Rather than waiting a week or two to complete the dental crown procedure, we can take care of the entire thing in one visit! You will come in, and we will immediately get to work preparing your tooth for the crown. We will use CEREC to take images of your teeth, and it will begin milling a perfectly unique crown right in front of you! Once the crown is ready, we will permanently bond it to your damaged tooth creating a lasting restoration. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Getting a dental crown doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out process. With CEREC technology, we are able to get you the restoration you need without the hassle. Don’t worry about taking multiple days off work or losing your temporary crown or messy impressions. Contact us today to find out what CEREC can do for you! We’d love to see you soon!