Halloween night is a lot of fun for all parties involved! Kids love getting dressed up and walking through the neighborhood, and people hanging out at home enjoy seeing all of the costumes parading up and down the street! With all of the candy exchanging hands, you had better believe there is some worry for those little smiles. We have some tips for keeping those little smiles safe on Halloween night, whether you are on the giving or receiving end!


Hopefully you try to purchase candy that won’t be completely detrimental to those little smiles at your door! You don’t have to pass out toothbrushes or floss, but you can avoid certain candy that is really difficult for kids to get out of their teeth. Candy like caramel, fruit chews, taffy, and filled suckers should be avoided.


If you are out walking on Halloween night, there are some things your can do to protect your little ones’ smiles. Drink plenty of water to rinse candy residue and increase saliva production. You should also limit candy intake, especially the candy we mentioned above. Finally, help your kiddos to floss and brush really well at the end of the evening and repeat in the morning.

There’s no reason why Halloween can’t be a fun evening for everyone without feeling guilty about those little teeth! Contact us for more tips about keeping Halloween fun and safe! Whether you are passing out candy or herding children, we sincerely wish you a Happy Halloween from all of us here at the office!