At Newman Springs Dental Care, in Lincroft, NJ, we perform Root Canals.

But no matter what we do, it seems people fear Root Canals, and have lots of questions about them.

They really aren’t that scary when you learn about them; in general Root Canals are safe, effective, routine dental procedures which can save you from losing a tooth. In addition, Root Canals can relieve a lot of dental pain.

Because it’s such an important topic, in today’s blog post we’re going to answer some questions about Root Canals.

What is a Root Canal?

A Root Canal is a common, and safe, dental procedure used to save a heavily damaged or severely decayed tooth from dying.

During a Root Canal, we remove decayed and/or infected nerves and dental pulp from the inner structure of your tooth. Removing this material prevents the further spread of bacteria and infection; if left unchecked this bacteria and/or infection can further erode your tooth or even spread to your gums and other teeth.

After the material is removed, we clean and seal your tooth. The hollow parts of the tooth are filled with a special compound, both to strengthen the tooth and to prevent the further spread of decay.

Sometimes a crown may be placed on a tooth after a Root Canal, depending on the situation.

What is Endodontics?

‘Endo’ comes from ancient Greek, meaning inside or within. ‘Dontics’ also comes from ancient Greek, and means teeth.
Together, this means Endodontics is dentistry that deals with the inner structure of your tooth, and the pulp and nerves inside your tooth. Root Canals are a common procedure within Endodontics.

Why Would I Need a Root Canal?

The most common sign that you need a Root Canal is frequent toothaches. Other signs include sensitivity in your teeth to hot and cold drinks and food; swelling around a tooth; soreness in your gums; or the development of a pimple on your gums.

A deep cavity, or trauma to your face and/or teeth can cause you to need a Root Canal. Some indicators that you need a Root Canal may go unnoticed without a dental examination.

Why Can’t I Just Have the Tooth Extracted?

Many patients seem to prefer simply having an affected tooth removed, rather than undergoing a Root Canal. Some have read on the internet that this is the better option. To be frank, removing a tooth that can be saved is a mistake.

In the long run, removing a tooth leaves you with two options.

The first option is to replace the missing tooth with a bridge or dental implant. This can be far costlier, and take far longer, than undergoing a Root Canal. In addition, no matter how far artificial teeth advance, a natural tooth is still preferable for best form and function.

The second option is to live without the tooth. If it is a visible tooth, this can affect your self-esteem and make you look less educated or less professional. Regardless of where the tooth is located in your mouth, missing a tooth can also make it far harder to chew on certain foods. This forces your remaining teeth to compensate, and can even damage them in the process.

Do Root Canals Hurt?

No! At least no more so than routine fillings of a cavity. You’ve probably heard stories about painful Root Canals from friends or the sensationalist media. But the truth is, dental medicine has advanced a great deal in recent years. Your mouth will be completely numbed for the procedure, making the process seem fairly similar to a routine filling.

Is Sedation Available for Root Canals?

Yes! At Newman Springs Dental Care, in Lincroft, NJ, we offer Sedation Dentistry. Our top-notch staff will work with you to ensure that it is right for you. Generally, we can offer patients an anti-anxiety sedative to be taken before the procedure. After you take the medicine, you will feel as if time is moving faster, and be in a total state of relaxation. Many patients even report that the don’t remember the procedure afterwards.

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