Dentures have been around for ages as they are the most cost-effective solution for dealing with missing teeth. They’re affordable and effective, but you do need to learn how to maintain them properly so that they can last you a lifetime. Without proper care, you’ll end up visiting your dentist more often to have them repaired or replaced, which could add up in the long run and turn into a costly mistake that could have been easily avoided with basic denture care.

First of all, dentures are fragile dental appliances that should be handled gently whenever you’re cleaning them. While brushing dentures, keep them above a clean and soft towel to avoid accidentally dropping them onto hard surfaces that could cause them to shatter or break. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and some non-abrasive denture cleaner to gently clean your dentures once a day.

While you need your dentures to properly eat and speak, they can cause your gums to swell when left in your mouth overnight. Take your dentures out before you head to bed. Don’t leave them in your mouth too long. Let your gums rest while you sleep and leave your dentures in a glass of clean water or a special denture solution after cleaning them.

Most people pride themselves on being able to perform DIY work in and around the house, but fixing and adjusting dentures are best left to your Lincroft dentist. You could permanently damage your dentures should you decide to adjust them yourself. Set a consultation with your dentist and he/she will be glad to work on your dentures so that they’ll fit perfectly in your mouth once again.

Dentures are safe, effective, and quite easy to care for and maintain. If you have questions or are interested in having your dentures fixed or replaced, get in touch with your Lincroft dentists at Newman Springs Dental Care by dialing 732-352-3903 today.