Drinking coffee, tea and wine are no longer considered just trivial acts. Because of today’s high-paced and stressful lifestyle, they are now thought of as life’s simple pleasures that help us all get through our busy day.  Although they are known to stain teeth, it is quite unimaginable for anyone who regularly consumes these beverages to stop the habit just so we could protect our teeth from the resulting discoloration.  But then, does that mean that coffee, tea and wine drinkers should just resign themselves to such an undesirable effect?

Your Lincroft dentist, Dr. Mitchel Friedman, says that you don’t have to.  With the teeth whitening or bleaching treatment that he provides at his Lincroft dental clinic, Newman Springs Dental Care, you can continue taking your favorite comfort beverage and still have that sparkling smile.  This non-invasive, quick procedure is also ideal for patients whose teeth have been discolored by normal wear, smoking or have developed fluorosis or excessive fluoridation.

How Teeth Whitening Is Done
First, you’ll need to get undergo a thorough oral examination, prophylaxis, and possible treatment of any decayed or damaged teeth. From there, a high-concentrate peroxide gel is applied to the teeth, which is activated using a special light that enhances the whitening process. You’ll need to wear a protective rubber shield so that the bleaching agent won’t affect your gums and the insides of your cheek.

The treatment plan may take more than one visit, depending on the severity of the staining or discoloration, which also directly impacts the cost that may include home-use whitening kits depending on the dentist’s instructions.  Some sensitivity may be experienced as the patient continues to undergo the whitening treatments but these are expected to cease as soon as the process is completed.

The expected result of the whitening treatment is immediately observable, the improvements readily noticed in terms of the brightness of the patient’s smile.  To extend the benefits of the treatment, a touch-up every few years may be required.

Start the Whitening Process Now
If you’re tired of your stained or discolored teeth and want to have your old bright smile back, get on track to whiter teeth now by setting an appointment with Dr. Friedman at Newman Springs Dental Care by calling 732-352-3903.