Are you living life in the fast lane? You might be too busy and lack the time to drop by the dental clinic to have your teeth checked and get the needed treatment. Even though you keep up with your daily oral hygiene, bad habits can pose some risk to your teeth. Chewing on hard objects or food can chip off your teeth. You might be too stressed that you grind or clench, putting pressure on teeth and causing them to crack or fracture. Perhaps you’re always pressed for time that you accidentally tripped and broke a tooth. A broken tooth will need to be fixed ASAP, so you’ll need to open up your busy schedule and set a day to visit your dentist.

Slow down and take a break to focus on your oral health. Your Lincroft dentist understands that busy people like you are trying to juggle personal life, work and other activities. That is why Newman Springs Dental Care offers an advanced dental solution that’ll fix your teeth without interfering with your tight schedule. A breakthrough called CEREC technology or Ceramic Restoration can quickly repair chipped, cracked, and broken teeth. CEREC creates a high-resolution 3D image of your teeth and sends this data to an accompanying milling unit that’ll create the necessary restoration in just a few minutes. This way, your Lincroft dentist can create the necessary crown, filling or veneer and attach them onto your teeth on the same visit.

Traditional dental restorations are often done using messy molds that take inaccurate impressions of your teeth. Moreover, your dentist would need to send it to an off-site dental lab, where you’ll have to wait for weeks and come back for another appointment to have them attached to your teeth.

With CEREC, you’re sure to have your teeth fixed in just one visit and get your life back on track in no time at all.

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