There’s nothing worse than being sick or being in pain on vacation. It’s bad enough at home, but when you’re supposed to be relaxing (and paying for it!), it’s even worse. If you’ve been experiencing jaw pain and chronic headaches, you may have TMJ disorder, or TMD. We can help with effective TMJ treatment in Lincroft so you can enjoy vacation – and feel better every day.

A simple appliance, custom-made just for your mouth, can relieve your jaw pain, reduce teeth grinding that causes that pain, and eliminate related headaches. We’ve had patients who suffered through migraines for years with no answers, only to find that their dentist here at our office held the solution they needed!

Take a couple minutes to take our quiz below, and see if you could benefit from nonsurgical TMJ treatment in Lincroft. Then call Newman Springs Dental Care with your results at 732-352-3903. We’ll set you up for an evaluation with Dr. Friedman, or Dr. Menon. You can also fill out our online form for an appointment if it’s easier.