With the current array of numerous treatment options and constantly evolving advances in dental technology, there’s always a solution available for any possible dental problem.  From simple crowns or bridges to varied implant procedures and even full mouth restorations, there seems to be no excuse anymore for a person to endure any kind of dental ailment.

But despite the wide availability and accessibility of modern dental treatment, any dental practitioner would still always advise what any other medical professional would always say, and that is “prevention is better than cure”.  Although it is highly unlikely that someone can go through life without having had a case of tooth decay or had at least experienced one extraction, proper oral and dental care habits coupled with regular visits to the dentist can do wonders later on.

Perhaps the most valuable return on diligent preventive care is avoiding simple tooth decay from growing into a worse problem. Left untreated, it can either extend to gum disease or tooth extraction that results in missing teeth, which can in turn lead to other teeth and bite issues.  Basically, even if there is a cure, the process, effort, time and cost it would take to get the treatment done becomes greater as compared to when the ailment had been addressed at the onset.

This is why for Lincroft dentist Dr. Mitchel Friedman, the goal is to provide preventive dental care as much as it is to provide complex dental treatments.  At Newman Springs Dental Care, he will perform a comprehensive dental examination of the patient to check for tooth decay and gum disease as well as an oral cancer screening.

This is followed by professional cleaning or prophylaxis to clean hard to reach areas inside your mouth.  In between appointments, the patient is advised to do his/her part with regular brushing, flossing and the use of mouthwash.

And so just like the similar adage, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”; do away with more painful, time-consuming and costly procedures. Set an appointmentnow by calling your Lincroft dental clinic at 732-352-3903.