With rising numbers of diabetic patients around the world, dental offices are seeing more and more diabetes-related oral health concerns. November is diabetes awareness month, and we would like to take some time to talk about oral health concerns related to diabetes and what the patient can do to prevent an infection.

The Problem

The problem for diabetic patients is that their bodies have a lower infection resistance, which means that the bacteria in a diabetic’s body is more likely to cause infection. One of the most common infections in American adults is gingivitis (gum disease). Diabetic patients can develop gingivitis more often than other patients, and their infection can become more serious much more quickly than other patients.

The Solution

There are a few things you can do to protect yourself from gingivitis. It begins with great at-home care. Floss and brush at least twice a day, and use an antiseptic rinse at least once a day. You should also schedule regular, routine dental appointments. We might even recommend that you come in every 3-4 months instead of waiting a full 6 months between cleanings. That way, if you do develop an infection, we can take care of it before it becomes a more serious problem.

We know that when you are living with diabetes, you have a lot of your plate. You worry about the foods you eat, the medications you take, and the exercise you get. In the midst of all of that, don’t forget to also care for your teeth. Contact us today to set up an appointment or to ask any questions you might have about the relationship between diabetes and gum disease. We would love to discuss it with you.