How much are your teeth worth to you? How much is your time worth to you?

How would you like to save time when you need your teeth restored?

You can with CEREC dental crowns, which are available at Newman Springs Dental Care. The team at our dentist office in Lincroft, NJ, understands that your life if busy enough as it is.

With CEREC crowns, you can complete this procedure in a single visit, instead of the multiple visits needed at other dentist offices.
If you live in or near Lincroft, NJ, and you need a tooth repaired, then you owe it to yourself to visit our office to learn about our same-day dental crowns.

Your Time Matters

If you have a broken or cracked tooth, you probably don’t want to wait a couple weeks to get it fixed. You would rather come to the dentist and leave with a lifelike and durable dental crown.

You can get that with a CEREC dental crown at our office.

CEREC is an abbreviation for ceramic reconstruction. This technology allows us to create a  dental crown on the same day as your visit to our office.

At other dentist offices, you may need to make multiple visits that are weeks apart before you tooth is restored.

The Dental Crown Process

Why does getting a dental crown take weeks at other office but just a day at Newman Springs Dental Care?
It’s because we have an in-office milling machine.

Here’s what will happen when you visit many other offices. You will come for your visit to have your tooth prepared to receive a dental crown.
This starts by reshaping the tooth that is causing your problem. By doing this, the dentist preserves the healthy parts of your tooth. This serves as an anchor point where your dental crown will be bonded in place.

Before the dentist can place the crown, however, he or she may need to order it from a dental lab. It could take weeks to get the crown depending on how many orders they have to fill and how far the lab is from the dentist.

In the meantime, the dentist likely will place a temporary crown on your tooth. Hopefully, it won’t come loose or break while you are waiting for your real dental crown to arrive.

Once the permanent crown is complete and shipped to your dentist, you will return to the office to have it bonded in place.
At our office, the process is simpler and faster.

After reshaping your tooth, we can program in milling machine to form a small ceramic block into the shape of a dental crown. Before you leave. we will bond the crown in place.
You won’t need to schedule a second appointment, and you won’t need to worry about something happening to your temporary crown.

The Benefits Of A CEREC Crown

We’ve established that CEREC dental crowns can be prepared and placed quicker than most any other crown.

That’s an advantage certainly, but it’s not the only reason to consider CEREC crowns.

They can be made with Zirconia, ceramic, or composite materials. These will look, feel, and function like real teeth for decades with proper care.

A CEREC crown will be practically indistinguishable from your other teeth, which will help you feel comfortable in your smile in professional and social settings.

Since our CEREC crowns are strong, you can feel confident that you will be able to continue eating the foods that you love. Your CEREC crown can be used to bite or chew foods just like your natural teeth.

Reasons To Get A CEREC Crown

There’s no way around this. If you are looking to get a crown, it’s because there is something wrong with your tooth.

Many times, dental crowns are used as a part of restorative dentistry. As we mentioned earlier, if you have a cracked or broken tooth, a dental crown can be used to repair a damaged tooth.

Likewise, crowns can be used to fix teeth that have been damaged by tooth decay or to seal a tooth that has received a root canal treatment.
From a cosmetic perspective, dental crowns can change the appearance of misshapen teeth. They also can be used to restore the appearance of individual teeth that have become discolored.

Remake Your Smile

If a single tooth is making you self-conscious about your smile, it’s time to visit our Lincroft, NJ, dentist office to discuss same-day dental crowns.

To make an appointment, all you need to do is call 732-352-3903 or fill out our online form.

Do it today. Your new smile is waiting!