Throughout today’s post, we have decided to explore some of the common symptoms of sleep apnea, and how the team here at Newman Springs Dental Care of Lincroft, NJ can help you put these annoying and potentially deadly issues to rest.

If you suffer from sleep apnea, you’re probably not getting a good night’s sleep and, in all likelihood, neither are the other members of your household! That’s because your body is being disturbed on a subconscious level by breathing stoppages which can happen dozens if not hundreds of times every time you hit the sack. As you can imagine, depriving your body of oxygen is never a good thing. And, as you are about to learn, or may already know firsthand, aggressive snoring is one of the major side-effects of sleep apnea, making this condition dangerous for your love life, in addition to adversely impacting your well-being in general.

Please keep reading, but then be sure to call us at 732-352-3903 today if you or someone you love seems to be wrestling with this sleep disorder. Our sleep dentistry professionals are standing by, ready to deliver some relief.

This Is Your Wake Up Call

Sleep apnea can destroy many areas of your life, including your interpersonal relationships, unless you are mindful enough to see what is going on around you. Here are some of the most common symptoms to watch for:

  • Loud, relentless snoring
  • Waking up gasping for air
  • Morning headaches and dry mouth
  • Feeling grouchy and anti-social
  • Daytime sleepiness and forgetfulness
  • Restless, unfulfilling sleep

In many cases, for folks afflicted with sleep apnea, it is a spouse, partner, child, or roommate that is the first to notice that something is going awry at night.
Here’s a typical scenario for a sleep apnea sufferer: as you fade away into sleep mode, your airway becomes constricted as your muscles relax. This in turn creates a situation in which your soft tissues are able to collapse into or cover your airway. Unfortunately, this only exasperates the sound of your snoring until your airway gets closed off to the extent that you can no longer breath.

This is when, if you are lucky, your body will jolt you awake so you can breathe again. Often this occurrence is so brief that you have no memory of it from the next moment on. Patients with severe sleep apnea can experience this 30 times or more every hour that they are asleep.

Unfortunately, because of the commotion caused by these major interruptions, you will never truly get the deep sleep you need, which is why you will exhibit the aforementioned symptoms and more.

We’ll Make It Easy To Just Breathe

Working through sleep apnea is not something that most folks think about taking to the dentist. That’s unfortunate because it really is an oral health issue, and finding relief is mostly a matter of finding a viable way to help you keep breathing throughout the night. After all, no one knows the oral cavity better than us.

Besides, most medical doctors will steer you toward a CPAP machine to correct these issues. In theory, there’s nothing wrong with that since these machines can be extremely effective when used as directed. But there is a problem with thinking that patients will actually adhere to these doctors’ instructions over the long haul.

You see, something like 50% of all CPAP users won’t continue to utilize them like they ought to. It’s not that they want to keep the rest of their house up with their snoring, or that they enjoy taking risks. We have found that patients tend to abandon their CPAP machines altogether because they are unable to put up the mask, or they can’t sleep because of the sound of the machine, or they simply can’t stand the sensation of wind being forced into their airway.

Fortunately, we can help you alleviate your sleep apnea troubles without making you sound like Darth Vader. Being oral health professionals, we know just how to create an alternative sleep apnea treatment that is much easier to use, and convenient to take along for your summer travels.

Here’s the deal: once it has been determined that you do in fact have obstructive sleep apnea, we can get right to work designing an oral appliance that will hold your jaw slightly forward. This can keep your airway open, which allows you to continue breathing so you can get the deep sleep your body needs, and your housemates really want you to have as well!

Call Today For Long-Term Relief

We hope you like what you just heard and that you’ll feel more empowered to do something about your snoring nightmare. If you are ready to take back your nights, all you have to do is call Newman Springs Dental Care at 732-352-3903 or fill out our online form for an easy sleep apnea consultation appointment in Lincroft, NJ.