You can smell the savory aromas of Thanksgiving dinner and the comforting spices of pumpkin pie filling the house. You can hear laughter and conversation, and cheers during the game. You can taste the herbs from the turkey … or can you? If you’re wearing dentures, you might not be able to taste your food fully. And dentures and missing teeth make eating more difficult, if not impossible.

That’s where teeth implants come in. They fill in gaps or replace failing teeth with the most lifelike tooth replacement option possible.

The key to them being like real teeth is that implants are placed under your gums in your jawbone, where they become part of it. Then, they can support crowns, bridges, or dentures without those replacement teeth sliding around or coming out.

With dental implants, you can savor any food you want in comfort. You can laugh and cheer without worrying about your teeth. You can smile wide for that Thanksgiving family photo.

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