How long has it been since you really enjoyed all of the feasting that goes on during the holiday season? Thanksgiving is just the beginning of several weeks of parties, food, and fun with family and friends. When your mouth isn’t in good shape, these weeks of eating are kind of frustrating and sad. However, this can be the last year that you attend Thanksgiving with an unhappy smile because here at Newman Springs, we can help!

Implant Solution

If you are missing one or two teeth in your mouth, you will experience difficulty chewing. People don’t realize how important every single tooth is until one of them is missing! With a dental implant, we can restore those gaps in your smile, giving you the ability to enjoy the holidays once again!

Dentures Solution

Maybe you are missing most of your teeth, or your dentures are just too slippery to really enjoy the food. In either case, we can help! We can get you the dentures you need to chew comfortably again, and if your dentures don’t fit well, bring them in for an adjustment! We might also talk about implant solutions for denture wearers while you’re here.
There’s no reason to miss out on any more holiday festivities, especially when it comes to eating all of that delicious food that we love so much. Contact us today to ask about possible solutions for your smile. We’d be happy to see you and help you get the smile of your dreams!