If your face has ever been on the wrong side of a stray soccer ball kicked at full force, you might have had to deal with issues of cosmetic dentistry before. But it’s not just sports-related injuries that keep putting people in the chair: auto accidents, fights or other altercations, and disease are also huge reasons people end up needing professional corrective dental work. But whether you need porcelain veneers teeth covers or new ones altogether, it’ll help to know all the facts before you mosey on into the dentist’s office for the procedure.

Dentures vs. dental implants

Though they were, at one point, an excellent option for the treatment of missing teeth, dentures have undeniably become a bit of a comical relic in the dental world. They’re designed to pop out, but what happens when they do at unexpected, inconvenient or downright embarrassing times (like mid-meal or conversation)? That’s why dental implants have taken the cosmetic dentistry field by storm.

Instead of being removable, these implants (which are titanium screws topped with an abutment and an artificial tooth) are firmly embedded into the jaw bone where the tooth or teeth are missing. In time, the jaw heals around it, securing its place inside the mouth and making pop-out false teeth a thing of the past. With a 98% success rate, full dental implants are usually good for life, which is far better than any dentures on the market.

Teeth bleaching vs. porcelain veneers teeth covers

Whitening is typically the most common aesthetic dentistry procedure carried out because of the way it can restore a smile’s natural, bright shine. While there are different options to consider when you want to change the appearance of the color of your teeth, bleaching can lift the damaging stains that tend to build up over time. This discoloration is mostly caused by smoking or from drinking too much coffee, tea or other liquids that contain staining tannins.

Bleaching involves using peroxide or some kind of advanced laser light to clear these stains and return the teeth their natural white hue. This is direct contact and is treated in a few different applications in order to achieve the fullest effect. Porcelain veneers teeth covers, however, are more like masks for your teeth, that can be several shades whiter in order to give the appearance of a brighter smile. Veneers can also be used to improve the appearance of a fractured or damaged tooth as well.

Metal braces vs. invisible clear braces

For years, metal braces have been associated with a certain stigma usually reserved for bullies on the schoolyard playground. It’s exactly because of this stigma — as well as speech and comfort problems — that cosmetic dental professionals developed the idea of clear braces, which are made from discreet plastic strips. That means there’s no more invasive metal pieces poking around inside your mouth.

There are a few quality concerns regarding invisible braces, however. Some dentists have stated that they simply don’t work as well as the metal kind, especially when it comes to dealing with bite correction and other jaw issues. And as expensive as metal braces are, plastic ones tend to be even more. Be sure to consider your budget in addition to your appearance desires if you’re considering braces.