A person’s teeth can be a source of great embarrassment to those who are very particular about their physical appearance. There are a number of cosmetic issues that can plague our teeth. These involve dental stains, discoloration, misalignment, as well as crooked and misshapen teeth. In some cases, teeth that are in poor condition can mar one’s features and distract on-lookers. They can dim your best features.

Cosmetic dental issues are aesthetically problematic because the teeth show whenever we smile, laugh and talk. These gestures are necessary whenever we socialize or interact with other people, whether it’s a casual or a professional setting. The teeth are also noticeable in photographs. Certain lighting and lipstick shades can highlight or emphasize cosmetic dental problems.

All this can have a negative impact on your confidence and self-image. It may discourage you from smiling or laughing openly, especially when you feel like you have to conceal your teeth. It may also keep you from feeling sully at ease whenever you interact with other people.

If you wish to improve the appearance of your teeth, talk to your Lincroft dentist about possible cosmetic solutions. The dentist will give you a thorough oral assessment and make recommendations based on your aesthetic goals.

There’s a wide range of cosmetic dental procedures in the market. These range from non-invasive procedures like teeth whitening, to semi-invasive procedures like porcelain veneer bonding and invasive ones such as dental implant surgery.

These also vary in terms of duration. Some procedures can be completed in less than an hour, with almost immediate results. This is typically the case with teeth whitening, unless you have severe dental discoloration. Porcelain veneers require more than one session to complete. Dental implants, meanwhile, require a long-term treatment plan and lengthy recovery periods in between sessions.

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