If you need to put a sparkle in the holidays this year, start by getting a sparkling smile. You’ll look your best and spread cheer while sharing your genuine grin. With our professional whitening, you’ll:

  • Leave a lasting impression, whether you’re mingling at a Christmas or New Year’s party, meeting your future in-laws, or seeing family members for the first time in years
  • Get results at your convenience, whether you whiten for about an hour in the office or take home your whitening system to whiten while you’re doing errands or relaxing
  • See brighter, longer-lasting results than products from the toothpaste aisle, thanks to potent gel and customized trays
  • Look healthier and younger – those family photos will look great on social media!
  • Keep your results year-round with Whitening for Life if you opt in for only $99

There’s not much time left in the year to book your visit, so call Newman Springs Dental Care at 732-352-3903 to schedule professional whitening in Lincroft. You can also schedule online.
Here’s to your bright and merry smile!

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