Restorative and cosmetic dental procedures typically make use of dental treatments like dental crowns and porcelain veneers. These are used to give the teeth its full structure, especially if it has been damaged by physical trauma or cavities. These dental restorations also improve the physical appearance of the teeth, making them look as close to perfect as possible. Aside from reconstructing and enhancing the look of the teeth, these dental restorations strengthen them and protect them from further damage.

Traditionally, these would be manufactured by a separate lab unit. If you approach your Lincroft dentist for a procedure, he or she will have to treat your teeth accordingly before moving on with the procedure. But before that, the dentist will create a resin model out of your teeth. This will serve as the basis for the design and dimensions of the dental implements to be made. The dentist will then send the resin model to the special lab unit for production.

It usually takes days or weeks for lab units to produce dental implements. This often depends on their resources and their work load. While you wait for your porcelain veneers and dental crowns, the dentist will send you off with a temporary protective covering over the teeth. Once the lab unit finishes making the dental implements, the clinic will call you back for fitting.

If there are any problems during fitting, such as issues with the length or size of the dental implements, they will be sent back to the lab unit for adjustments.

However, CEREC, short for ceramic reconstruction, is a service that enables dentists to produce dental crowns and porcelain veneers in an hour or less. This makes use of computer technology to capture accurate impressions of the patient’s teeth and produce dental implements that are consistent with these impressions.

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