If you want straight teeth, which would you prefer: 2-3 years of wearing braces or six months? Call our Lincroft, NJ dental office today at 732-352-3903 and schedule an appointment for Six Month Smiles®. Our dentists have the training and experience needed to properly use this short-term orthodontic treatment. You really can have straight teeth in six months — but you have to call first.

What Is Six Month Smiles?

When it comes to orthodontic treatments, there used to be just one choice: metal braces. They worked then, and they still work now. However, dental technology has advanced since then. That means you no longer have to put up with the problems found with metal brackets and wires.

The problems you can face with traditional braces include:

  • You move teeth that no one ever sees.
  • Metal brackets look out of place on your teeth.
  • They can take 2-3 years before complete.
  • You’ll have to pay for dental visits for those 2-3 years.

That’s why you should call Newman Springs Dental Care today and schedule an appointment to begin Six Month Smiles as your orthodontic treatment. Our dentists know that traditional braces have their drawbacks, and they’re concerned about your overall quality of life. They don’t want you wearing metal braces if you can avoid it.

Why Six Month Smiles Work Better

Here are some specific ways Six Month Smiles can work better for you than traditional metal braces.

1. Six Month Smiles really can be finished in six months.
The reason that traditional braces take so long is that they have to move every tooth in your mouth. Most people wear metal braces for 2-3 years. That means years of food restrictions, dental visits, and more. Six Month Smiles save a lot of time (and energy, and money) by focusing on the teeth that you see when you smile. For many people, that means six months.

Call our Lincroft, NJ dental office today to make your first appointment for Six Month Smiles. Our dentists have the training needed to use this orthodontic treatment quickly but effectively.

2. You’ll get clear brackets and tooth-colored wires with Six Month Smiles.
One of the big problems with traditional braces is all that metal. It really stands out in your smile, and not in a good way. With Six Month Smiles, the brackets are not metal — they’re clear ceramic. The wire is tooth-colored as well. That means Six Month Smiles blends in much better with your smile.

By calling Newman Springs Dental Care today, you can be that much closer to discreetly straightening your teeth. Our dentists want to make sure your orthodontic treatment has as little impact on your life as possible. That’s why they are trained to offer Six Month Smiles.

3. Your self-confidence improves when you know your smile looks great.
Having a straight smile offers a lot of benefits, including cosmetic. To put it bluntly, your smile does not look good with crooked teeth. Six Month Smiles straightens those teeth so your smile looks great. Once done, you can easily find your self-confidence improves because you know your smile looks so good.

When you call us at 732-352-3903, schedule an appointment for Six Month Smiles. You don’t have to wonder if people are noticing your crooked smile. Instead, you can smile confidently knowing they’ll see straight, even teeth.

4. Six Month Smiles doesn’t cost as much as traditional braces.
Traditional braces normally take 2-3 years before they’re complete. You’ll have to take repeated dental visits throughout that time. Those visits quickly add up. Because Six Month Smiles is done so quickly, you won’t need to pay for as many dental visits. In other words, Six Month Smiles is more affordable than metal braces.

Call TODAY at 732-352-3903 or use our convenient online form to schedule your first appointment for Six-Month Smiles. Our dentists are all highly trained to deliver excellent results with this orthodontic treatment. We care about your whole person, which is why we want to help you get straight teeth with less time and money spent by you.