The top requested cosmetic improvement for dental offices around the world? Whiter teeth! We all want that Hollywood sparkle, and getting whiter teeth is the first step! We want to see our smile in pictures and feel great about how we look, and we want to step foot in that next reunion, wedding, or job interview with the confidence of someone who is happy with their smile. Professional dental whitening is the answer for a happier, healthier smile!

You can try the boxed kits that you find at the drugstore, but the results will not be what you’re expecting. It often takes months to get the same results you can expect from an in-office whitening experience. Plus, boxed kits are not made for your unique teeth, which means you are at risk for dangerous exposure to whitening solution. The safest, most effective way to get a whiter teeth is to call us at Newman Springs!

The Professional Difference

When you come in for teeth whitening in the office, you will be using a tray that is custom made for your teeth, which means your gums won’t be exposed to dangerous chemicals. Plus, we will be monitoring the entire process to further ensure your safety. We can get fantastic results in a couple of visits by using a laser to activate the whitening agents. We will even provide you with custom-made, at-home whitening products that will be safer for you to use than the boxed kit from the drugstore.

Get a whiter, healthier smile just in time for fall festivals and activities. Don’t settle for the whitening kit at the store! Get the real deal in the dental office. The difference will be obvious! Contact us today to get started. Let us know what your smile goals are, and we will work to help you achieve them! We look forward to seeing you!