How can I overcome fear of the Dentist?

Hi, my name is Dr. Mitchel Friedman, owner of Newman Springs Dental Care here in Lincroft, Middletown Township, NJ. For many who have had bad dental experiences, a question you should ask is “how can I overcome fear of the dentist?” First of all, you need to know that you’re not alone and you have options over this sometimes paralyzing phobia. Also in my office, you will never be judged and we want to offer you hope and help. Since 2001, I’ve been offering sedation dentistry to thousands of terrified people just like you. Many of them have provided written and video testimonials as a way to let others know that they are not alone in an effort to help them to get the assistance they deserve. You can see these testimonials in the safety of your own home on the internet. You can also call for a free DVD or audio CD that you can receive in the mail. If you’d like to make an appointment and meet me and discuss your dental concerns, our office number is 732-352-3903 or you can check us out at our website at Thank you.

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