Picture yourself at the dinner table on Thanksgiving. What’s on your plate? It is it filled with heaping piles of oven-roasted turkey? Next to the turkey maybe there’s a pile of homemade mashed potatoes. Under the piles of other food, there’s a nice helping of stuffing. Then for dessert, there’s some cranberry sauce.

If you spent hours cooking the dinner, you’re ready to dig right into the dinner. But what happens if you have a toothache? Dental pain can make it nearly impossible to eat all the foods you’ve grown to love. The inability to chew affects you year-round. The corn beef you want to enjoy on St. Patrick’s Day. Or the that well-cooked steak that you’ve got planned as your meal for New Year’s Eve.

Food is important, and so is the ability to chew it. We associate food with happy memories and a lot of the things in life that we really enjoy. But when you can’t eat, you lose more than just the ability to eat your favorite foods. You also risk suffering from malnutrition. Malnutrition can occur when you eat an unvaried diet; if it hurts to chew, then you probably have to eat a diet of just soft foods. Soft foods do not generally include the fiber and protein you need in your daily diet. So you’re ultimately left with two choices, drink a lot of protein shakes or get your teeth fixed.

At Newman Springs Dental Care in Lincroft, NJ, we can help restore your ability to chew. If you’re suffering from a reoccurring toothache or other dental ailment, we will examine your mouth with a dental exam and digital x-rays to determine the cause of your pain. Once we’ve located the source of your pain, we can provide you with the solution you need and deserve, In many instances, dental pain is directly caused by tooth decay. When it comes to tooth decay, we can remove it from your teeth and provide you with a restoration. Tooth decay happens to everyone; when bacteria accumulates on your teeth, it can erode the enamel of your teeth. Even people who religiously brush and floss may suffer from tooth decay.

At Newman Springs Dental Care in Lincroft, NJ, we can provide solutions that work for you. In many instances we can fill a cavity with a tooth-colored filling. This restoration looks great and can spare you a lot of pain. But on occasion a tooth can become so decayed that a filling is not enough to preserve the actual structure of your tooth.

In those cases, we turn to a dental crown to restore your tooth. A dental crown covers your entire tooth, it looks just like your natural tooth but serves as a protective covering. With a dental crown, decayed teeth are restored to their full chewing ability. But there’s a downside to most dental crowns – they take several appointments to apply at most offices. Many dentist offices in the area lack the technology necessary to create a dental crown in their own office. That means you have to be fitted for the dental crown, and then return for another appointment to have the crown placed.

This is not the case at Newman Springs Dental Care in Lincroft, NJ. We offer CEREC same-day crowns. Using CEREC’s incredible technology, we can actually create a dental crown with a 3D printer in our own office. That means an appointment for a dental crown is a one and done affair. We use this computer technology to take a detailed 3D map of your tooth; the CEREC machine then mills out a crown to ft your exact specifications. CEREC crowns can match the shape, color, and appearance of your natural teeth!

CEREC crowns have been shown in numerous studies to be just as durable as a traditional crown. They also tend to fit better because the computer technology takes all the guess-work out of fitting the crown to your teeth. At Newman Spring’s Dental Care you can come into our office with a significant source of dental pain. With our same-day crowns you can leave with a solution and a beautiful new dental crown.

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Are you ready to eat your favorite foods in comfort again? With a same-day CEREC crown you never have to worry about your ability to chew turkey again. Call the office of Newman Springs Dental Care in Lincroft, NJ, to schedule your consultation. Our phone number is 732-352-3903.