It’s no wonder teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments at Newman Springs Dental Care. It’s an easy and affordable way to improve your smile’s appearance. Once your teeth look beautifully white, you’ll want to keep them that way. It’s simple at our Lincroft, NJ office, thanks to our special Whitening for Life offer.

You pay just $99 for a teeth whitening kit that will whiten your smile up to six shades. It includes custom-made trays that make it easy to get complete coverage. You’ll never need to struggle with messy strips again!
You’ll receive a supply of professional whitening gel every time you visit us for an exam, as long as you follow our recommended schedule for exams and cleanings. Because they contain a higher percentage of whitening ingredients than drugstore products, you’ll get brighter results from our professional whitening treatments.

Call us today at 732-352-3903 for more information on Whitening for Life or to schedule your next appointment.