For the longest time, dentures have suffered the unjustified reputation of being these hard to use and maintain dental appliances and that those who wear them are sadly stuck to a life of discomfort. This has led many to believe that the emergence of dental implants is not only a product of evolving technology but likewise an innovation brought about by the necessity to have other replacement teeth options or alternatives that are more comfortable and stable.

But in spite the availability of dental implants, the fact that many dentists still offer dentures as part of their clinic’s services speaks volumes about the reality that there are still patients out there who go for dentures. Truth is, way before the advent of dental implants, dentures have helped millions of people who have lost their teeth regain their ability to eat, speak and smile and to live normally as they did before they lost their natural teeth.

The key is of course, to get dentures that are properly-fitted by a skilled and reliable dentist, especially for a first-time denture-wearer, to be well-informed in advance about what to expect when he/she starts using his/her dentures. This underscores the significance of taking accurate impressions to create high-quality dentures and making the right adjustments on the dentures as needed to ensure the best fit.

It’s similarly important that the patient is advised to expect some minor difficulties at the onset as he/she tries to get used to the feeling of wearing dentures. There can be minor irritation or soreness and increased saliva flow, some difficulty in speaking and pronouncing some words, and discomfort in eating with dentures but all of these will eventually subside.

In the succeeding weeks, you’ll be more at ease with your dentures, but if you feel you want more security while wearing them, you can stabilize them more with denture adhesives. However, adhesives should not be made to compensate for ill-fitting or poorly-fitted dentures or as an excuse not to re-visit your dentist to have the necessary adjustments be made.

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