Generally, cosmetic dentistry refers to procedures and treatments that are used to improve the appearance of the teeth, bite, and gums of an individual, without having any impact on function. Most people believe that a great smile is a valuable social asset, and will want to make sure that they have a bright, clean one that they feel confident showcasing. If they do not, cosmetic dental surgery might be a good option. But before choosing a procedure, potential patients might want to check out some cosmetic dentistry before and after photos in order to determine if they will be happy with the results.

The most common procedure that people will elect to have cosmetic dentistry teeth whitening, but it is hardly the only one, and is not necessarily the best choice for someone who wants to straighten their smile. In order to do that, they might want to get veneers, which are custom made porcelain laminates that are directly bonded to teeth for a straighter appearance. Crown and bridge replacements for chipped or broken teeth are also good options for straightening. In fact, 15 million Americans have chosen to receive them to give their smile a boost.

Unfortunately, accidents happen that cause people to lose teeth completely. While some might have a medical condition arise that leads to tooth loss, others might get them knocked out while playing sports or just roughhousing. Whatever the case may be, getting them replaced is a must for anyone who wants a complete smile. In some cases, removable dentures or false teeth might give someone the look that they want. However, those options might not provide the most natural feel. In fact, full dental implants might be the only choice that gives people the feel, function, and look of natural teeth.

Before deciding to receive implants or dentures, individuals will want to make sure that they do the proper research to make sure they will be happy with their decision. Of course, talking to a doctor or surgeon multiple times is a must, but that might not be enough to make someone feel comfortable. In addition, they should check out lots of cosmetic dentistry before and after photos, and maybe even read some reviews. This can help patients get prepared and better understand what to expect before undergoing a procedure.