A crown is a type of dental restoration wherein the dentist uses prosthetic teeth usually made of porcelain or ceramic material to cover an entire tooth or several teeth. Crowns can instantly repair damaged teeth and bring them back to their beautiful appearance.

The downside with crowns is that they could take months to be completed—that is if they’re done the traditional way. Today, more and more Lincroft dental clinics are adapting to technology and have started offering one-day crowns through a revolutionary dental restoration machine called CEREC or Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, or CEramic REConstruction.

How Does the CEREC Machine Work?

The CEREC machine uses state-of-the-art scanning technology that lets it produce three-dimensional images of the patient’s teeth and jaws. Using these 3-D photos, your Lincroft dentist can easily see the structure of your teeth and your oral cavity. He can then create your crowns based on these images and guesswork is eliminated since he would know how to choose the appropriate shape/structure of the crowns. The color/shade and material that’s going to be used for your crowns can also be determined right on the spot.

After your dental information has been taken, your Lincroft dentist can create the crowns in his dental clinic using the CEREC machine’s milling unit. Your permanent crowns are cut/fabricated while you wait!
When you crowns are done, your Lincroft dentist will do the finishing touches such as placing the crowns over your teeth and giving them a final polish to achieve the natural sheen of real teeth. Everything is done in one day and you can literally have a totally different set of teeth overnight!

So why would you wait for months or years before getting your teeth fixed when you know that you can have perfect and beautiful smile in just one day?

For professional CEREC treatment, you may call Newman Springs Dental Clinic at 732-352-3903. The doctors at Newman will help you achieve the best fitting and natural looking crowns using the technology of the CEREC machine.