We hear a lot about Sedation Dentistry and its many benefits for patients who are afraid to see the dentist. Sedation can calm nerves and make someone completely relaxed from the time they enter the office and then through the entire procedure. However, sedation shouldn’t be limited to fearful patients because it can also greatly benefit patients who are looking for a more efficient dental appointment.

Before sedation, getting a complicated dental procedure was, well, complicated! No patient can sit in a chair with their mouth open, listening to a dentist work for more than an hour or so. Even with numbing, a patient gets uncomfortable! So, dentists would break a complex procedure like oral sedation dentistry into smaller sessions and bring the patient back for three or four appointments. For patients who have a life of any sort, try to make time for four appointments is difficult!

Sedation Leads to Efficiency

With the assistance of sedation, however, a patient can have a completely different experience. The dentist isn’t worried about how you are tolerating the procedure because you are completely comfortable. Many patients even fall asleep in the chair! A dentist can complete a complex procedure in one appointment, which means less time, less stress on your body, and a happier patient all around!

Oral Dental Sedation has many benefits! Contact us today to find out if sedation is right for you. We’ll let you know how you could benefit from sedation during your next procedure. We can’t wait to hear about how sedation changed your dental experience!