Teenagers are active and love to explore. But they still need guidance in certain aspects of their lives and that includes oral health. Parents should teach the importance of preventive dental care, so that they’ll enjoy their life free from toothaches and other discomforts.

At-home care

It’s necessary for teenagers to maintain and keep the good dental habits that they have learned since childhood. During their teenage years, they undergo a transition from childhood to adulthood. They get excited with different discoveries and activities, and as a result, they tend to neglect basic dental habits such as brushing and flossing in favor of playing the latest video games or hanging out with friends. Sometimes, they’re too busy with their activities, they forget to brush their teeth, especially after meals. They’re also more fond of eating junk food. You can limit their consumption of unhealthy food by serving healthy snacks like vegetables and low-fat dairy products.

It’s necessary to remind them to clean their teeth at least two times a day. Whether you’re a teen or adult, good oral hygiene should be practiced daily.

Professional care

Teenagers are prone to cavities. It’s not enough that they clean their mouths everyday because it can’t thoroughly remove the bacteria and plaque inside hard to reach areas that their brush can’t reach. You need the help of your Lincroft dentists. They’ll perform a comprehensive examination of your teenager’s mouth and check for problems like tooth decay, loose teeth, gum disease and improper bites. They’ll also have their mouths professionally cleaned, to get rid of hardened plaque and keep their teeth and gums healthy. After treatment, your dentists will also be able to discuss proper dental care with your teenagers, so they’ll be able to maintain their own oral health.

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