Fall gets us pretty excited here at Newman Springs Dental Care. The crisp air, the changing colors, the fall decorations, and let’s not forget football! With fall sports coming up, many of our team members will be rooting for their family’s athletes. As much as we want them to score, we want to help protect their health even more. That’s why we design custom mouthguards at Newman Springs Dental Care.
According to the ADA, custom-made mouthguards are generally better than store-bought mouthguards. They:

  • Fit better and therefore protect better
  • Feel more comfortable
  • Allow for clearer speech
  • Are made of better materials
  • Are customized for the specific sport
  • Can be made for athletes with braces
  • Last longer

Mouthguards are proven to prevent both major dental injuries (by over 80 percent) and minor dental injuries (by over 70 percent).

Why risk dental emergencies and permanent damage? Keep your kids’ smiles safe with custom mouthguards. We even offer guards for TMJ, sleep apnea, and children’s airway health.
For a fitting, call Newman Springs Dental Care at 732-352-3903. You can also schedule an appointment online. In the meantime, watch this vintage video from the ADA on mouthguards!