A lot of the discomfort associated with dental procedures is not directly related to the procedure at all, rather, it is a result tension during the procedure. Your emotional state during a dental procedure has a great effect on how you will feel after it is all over. Even if you are not particularly afraid of the dentist, it can still be stressful to have to lie still in a chair while someone pokes around inside your mouth. This will often cause you to tense up. You may not even be aware of it, and you might even say you are relaxed, but your neck muscles are constricting, your hands are gripping the armrest tightly, and your whole body is rigid.

All this tension can lead to pain after the procedure. If you are experiencing a sore jaw or neck, a persistent, dull headache, or general body aches, this could be the result of tension during your dental procedure. Even relatively non-intrusive procedures, like a regular cleaning or simple examination, can make you anxious and produce tension that can lead to sore muscles and headaches.

Sedation Is the Solution

Fortunately, at Newman Springs Dental Care we can relieve your tension. Here in our Lincroft office, we provide sedation dentistry to ease your mind while we fix your smile. Sedation dentistry will relax your mind and body while keeping you awake and responsive. Depending on the type of sedation you receive, you may not be fully aware of the procedure, but you will usually remain conscious. However, some people do become so relaxed that they doze off.

Inhaled Sedation
For light sedation that will keep you relaxed, but conscious and largely alert, nitrous oxide could be the option for you. Commonly known as “laughing gas”, nitrous oxide is mixed with oxygen for this type of sedation. We will control the amount of sedation delivered based on your need and your anxiety level.
With this form of sedation will will likely be aware of what is going on, but the gas will help you feel relaxed. The effects are short lived and will dissipate almost as soon as the procedure is over. That is why nitrous oxide is the only form of dental sedation in which you may be able to drive yourself home afterwards. But remember, this only a light sedation. So, if you are prone to high levels of dental anxiety, you may need a stronger sedative.

Oral Sedation
For procedures that are more involved and time consuming, a higher level of sedation may be necessary to keep you relaxed and free of tension. This process requires you to take a prescription strength sedative pill roughly an hour before your appointment. This means you will definitely need a friend or family member to drive you to and from our Lincroft office.

Oral sedation will put you in a state of relaxation so deep that, even though you will remain conscious, you will likely have little to no memory of the event. This means that we can perform a procedure that would normally take multiple visits in one, or we can perform several procedures. So, you can get your healthy and beautiful smile sooner and enjoy the benefits of good oral health without the anxiety and tension that used to come with a trip to the dentist.

Don’t Wait

If you have been putting off a trip to the dentist because the tension involved with a dental procedure was causing you headaches and soreness, wait no longer. At Newman Springs, we can cure that tension and put you at ease while taking care of your smile.

Make an appointment at our office in Lincroft to be on your way to pain free dentistry. Contact us today!