There are a number of reasons why people are unable to seek dental treatment. Limited resources can be an issue, since health insurance plans don’t cover dental procedures. People typically need to take out a separate insurance policy for dental emergencies. They may have other expenses that they need to prioritize, such as rent, food and utilities. They may also not have time to set dental appointments. This is often the case with those who are raising children, as well as those who work two jobs or more.

Another reason is dental anxiety. While some people have the time and resources to receive dental treatment, too much anxiety can prevent them from doing so. This anxiety may be symptomatic of an underlying phobia or the result of a negative past experience with a dentist, especially during childhood. Anxiety can cause people to delay treatment. This has dire consequences because it enables dental problems to worsen and necessitate more complex procedures.

Over 40% of Americans suffer from dental anxiety. Two out of ten will only see a dentist if they feel that it’s “absolutely necessary”. Unfortunately, dental problems that worsen over time require procedures that involve more pain and discomfort. Very few people undergo preventive dental care, which circumvents dental issues.

If you have frequent bouts of dental anxiety, ask your Lincroft dentist about sedation dentistry. This practice involves the use of sedative drugs in order to calm patient down before treatment.

Sedation dentistry puts patients in a state of deep relaxation. This puts them at ease in the dentist’s office. This would allow you to feel completely relaxed, which then allows your dentist to work faster and concentrate on your procedure much better without worrying about your dental anxiety.

Sedation dentistry encourages patients to seek timely dental treatment even when they feel anxiety. It helps them overcome their anxiety through artificial means. To learn more about sedation dentistry, get in touch with your Lincroft dentists at Newman Springs Dental Care by calling 732-352-3903 right away.