Cosmetic dentistry doesn’t necessarily entail complex and painful treatments. There are several procedures that require only one in-office visit at your Lincroft dental clinic. There are also treatments that may need several checkups and exams but nothing really complicated and high risk.
Check out the list below and find out if your next treatment falls under these simple teeth restoration procedures:

Tooth Fillings

Ever had a tooth filling done? If yes, you can already say that you’ve undergone a tooth restoration procedure. Fillings are considered the most common type of dental restoration treatment since your Lincroft dentist tries to repair cavities and restore the tooth in the most aesthetically pleasing manner.
Different types of tooth filings include amalgam, tooth-colored fillings like composite resin, and gold.


It used to be that getting crowns would require the patient to go for several visits to his Lincroft dentist. However, advance technology has made it possible for dental professionals to produce crowns for their patients inside their own clinic.

The Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (CEREC), for example, is a revolutionary dental reconstruction machine that allows the dentist to produce 3-D images of the patient’s teeth and jaws. It also has a milling unit so that crowns can be instantly fabricated inside the dental clinic. This eliminates the need to send the patient’s dental information to a lab and wait for several weeks to get the crowns.

All-on-Four Dental Implants

You might be thinking that dental implants cannot possibly fall under “simple” dental procedures. This is still true for traditional implants that need a lot of consultations and planning with your dental surgeon.

However, the All-on-Four treatment concept drastically simplifies the whole dental implant process by making it possible for a patient to get his permanent implants in just one in-office surgery! All-on-Four also uses 3-D images and four mini-implants for the treatment.

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