They say that when you smile the world smiles with you.

What they don’t tell you is how people react when they notice there is something missing from your smile.
This could be a broken tooth, a whole row of missing teeth, or anything in between. Whatever you would like to repair or replace, all you have to do is schedule a consultation at Newman Springs Dental Care to discuss restorative dentistry.

Our dentists will work with you to find the solution that will get your teeth back to the way you want it to look.
If you live in Lincroft, Holmdel, Middletown, Colts Neck, Red Bank, or anywhere else in our area, our staff will be happy to help you, well, be happier with your smile.

Fixing A ‘Broken’ Smile

We use the word broken here somewhat loosely. What matters is how you feel about your smile. If there is anything that makes you feel self-conscious or something that affects how well you can eat, then it’s worth doing something about it.

The solution will depend on what you want to be done. The good news is we can restore your smile for practically any situation you can imagine.
Here are some examples of the problems we can and have addressed:

Chipped and broken teeth

The solution for this will depend on how deep the break is. A small chip may repaired with dental bonding. This is done by applying a composite resin to your tooth. The resin matches the color of natural teeth, and when it hardens, most people won’t be able to tell where the tooth ends and the resin begins.

For a deeper, larger break, a dental crown is in order. And since we have CEREC crowns in our practice, you will be able to get your dental crown in a single day in many cases.

After reshaped your broken tooth into an abutment, we will use are on-site milling machine to create a ceramic crown that will be bonded to your tooth. This will restore the appearance and the function of your tooth.

Lost tooth

People lose teeth more often than most of us realize. Part of the reason for that is the excellent teeth replacements that are available in modern dentistry.
fused together. This requires reshaping the two teeth closest to the gap in your smile like we would for a dental crown. The bridge will be bonded to those teeth, which will provide the support to hold it in place.

Another option — a better option in many dentists’ opinions — would be to get a dental implant. Your implant would take the place of the root of your missing tooth.
The implant would is placed directly into your jaw. The exposed end can be fitted with an abutment, where we can affix a dental crown to create a complete replacement tooth that is indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

Lost teeth

Missing teeth can mean anything from two teeth to every tooth in your mouth.
Let’s start small.

If you are missing a few teeth, you could get a traditional dental bridge. This would be like the one described above for replacing a single tooth. The difference is this bridge would contain additional crowns to feel in the empty space.

An alternative would be an implant-supported bridge. Instead of removing parts of healthy teeth, you can get an implant or implants (depending on the size of the bridge) instead. As with your single-tooth replacement, the implants would be embedded in your jaw. As a result, you would have a stronger, more stable supports system for your bridge.
We can use that same concept to create implant-supported dentures for patients who need to replace one or both rows of teeth.

A series of implants will make you implants much more like true replacement teeth. The implants will hold your dentures in place and add power behind them as well. That means you will be able to eat more foods and more comfortably than you could with dentures alone.

Don’t Wait Any Longer

If you have been feeling self-conscious about a broken or missing tooth …
If you are struggling to eat because you have lost multiple teeth …

… then today is the day to get in touch with the dentists at Newman Springs Dental Care in Lincroft, NJ. This is your opportunity to learn about the various restorative treatments available to you and to ask any questions you may have about our services.

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