Hearing the word “braces” as an option for your adult smile might be more than you were ready for. You instantly get flashbacks to middle school drama, calling people tinsel teeth, and watching your friends brush their teeth in the bathroom after lunch.

Who has time for any of that as an adult? You don’t want to wear braces, especially if you are in a work environment with a lot of other people. No one wants to deal with the stares, the questions, or the jokes at their expense.

Don’t mess with any of that stuff! Come see us to learn more about Six Month Smiles! This procedure will absolutely change your life and your smile. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how quick and easy it really is.

Why Adults Need Braces

Generally kids or pre-teens are the patients who end up with braces, so why would an adult need orthodontic care? There are many factors. Often, the adult needed braces as a child but wasn’t able to get them due to the cost or something else.

Sometimes problems happen as you age. For example, your wisdom teeth might cause your smile to shift. You might also lose an adult tooth along the way that causes your smile to shift. There are many factors that can change the alignment of your smile, but Six Month Smiles could be the solution you’ve been looking for!

The Cosmetic Advantage of Orthodontics

Generally people want orthodontics for one of two reasons: their alignment or the look of their smile. Alignment issues generally come up for kids or pre-teens, which is why they are so often stuck wearing traditional braces. Cosmetic issues generally appear for adults.

Either your smile will change, or you will finally reach a point where you cannot live with the look of your smile any longer. The good news is that orthodontics can change things for the better. With a short treatment of Six Month Smiles, you can completely improve the look of your smile which greatly boosts your confidence level!

You might not even realize how much you hide your smile, but when you have something that you’re proud of, you’ll find any excuse to show it off! You should feel that way about your grin. It’s special, unique, and your greatest asset. When it’s crooked, filled with gaps, or overly crowded, we can use orthodontics to give you the look you want!

The Appealing Look of Six Month Smiles

One of the reasons people shy away from traditional metal braces is the look of the metal brackets and wires. After all, that’s why kids call each other tinsel teeth, metal mouth, and brace face! Six Month Smiles has a different approach to your smile so you can get the work you need without the embarrassing look of metal on your teeth.

Six Month Smiles uses a revolutionary method to move your teeth. We begin with clear plastic brackets that are bonded to your teeth. We then use tooth-colored wires to move your teeth into place. The effect is an orthodontic solution that blends into your smile so that no one can tell, at first glance, that you’re wearing braces!

The Efficiency of Six Month Smiles

If patients aren’t worried about the look of traditional metal braces, they are concerned about the length of time that they’ll have to wear those braces. Most traditional metal braces procedures last anywhere from two to three years! That’s a long time to commit yourself to such an ugly dental appliance!
Six Month Smiles are able to be much more efficient. Most patients will complete treatment within six months. At most, a patient might wear their braces for eight to nine months. Your teeth are able to move much faster with this procedure because we are only focusing on the teeth in your smile zone. These teeth move much faster, so your treatment time is much shorter.

As you can see, we are constantly seeking new and improved ways to complete the dental work you need. Six Month Smiles is just one way we can help you get the smile of your dreams at a fraction of the time and cost. You’ll love the results, and we will love knowing that you have the smile you’ve been dreaming of. We can’t wait to see you soon!