Have you had one of those encounters when your dentist told you that you needed to wear dental braces to straighten your crooked teeth or to correct an improper bite? You probably had to forego it because the image that you had in your head of yourself wearing those metal wired braces makes you cringe.  And it’s not even the pain and discomfort that you’ll have to endure that’s keeping you from getting the treatment but rather the unnecessary taunting that you’ll stand to get from others once they see you flash those metal braces.

Say Hello to Invisalign

Thanks to modern dental technology available at Lincroft dental clinic Newman Springs Dental Care, you can kiss that cringe-inducing image in your mind goodbye and finally get those all-important dental braces with Invisalign clear aligners.  These custom-made, removable aligners are made of clear plastic that feels smooth and comfortable as there is no need for metal brackets to be attached or wires to tighten.

Invisalign clear aligners gently and gradually shift your teeth in the desired position with the use of controlled pressure applied periodically via each change to the next set of aligners until the entire treatment plan is completed. Your Lincroft dentist, Dr. Friedman will give you a detailed treatment plan on how and when you should remove and replace you invisible aligners.

Best of all, the virtually invisible material is hardly noticeable at all and most people won’t even know you were actually wearing braces.  You can go about your business or daily routine without prying eyes staring at you and you can continue smiling confidently as if you weren’t wearing any braces at all.

Advantages of Wearing Invisalign

With each Invisalign aligner tray being customized for each unique patient, you can be assured that the specially-designed treatment will be effective and comfortable.  The clear and removable aligners allow ease of use throughout the duration of the treatment plan since cleaning the aligners themselves will be a breeze and brushing or flossing your teeth can be easily done.

So if you still aren’t wearing those dental braces that your dental care provider recommended, it’s time to contact 732-352-3903 to set an appointment with Dr. Friedman.